the CycleSmiths
37015 El Tesoro Rd, Ranchita, CA 92066
Home Price List Color Charts
Complete Paint, including Decal Application (Decals are Extra) and Clear $600
Decals $75-$150
Basic Repaint, No Clear Coat $400
Add Clear Coat $100
Add Pearl Top Coat $150
Candy Top Coat $150
Seat Tube or Down Tube Panels $75 each
Head Tube Panels $75 - $150
Color Matched Silca Pump (no pump head) $75
Contrasting Color in Lug Cutouts $75
Frame Modifications
Option CostLink
Water Bottle Mounts, Pair$35
Down Tube Shift Lever Bosses$35
Top Tube Cable Guides (3)$50
Silva Brass Internal Top Tube Cable Guide $75
Front Derailleur Mount $50
Pump Peg on Head Tube $20
Chain Hanger $20
Fender Eyelets $50
Top of Bottom Bracket Cable Guides $75
Cable Guide Mount Under BB $30
1978 Della Santa Corsa Speciale
Originally built for a Red Zinger competitor
Della Santa Screened Printed Decals
Extremely Thin,face down duplex decals
Sears Free Spirit!
Gold Pearl over Orange Basecoat
Della Santa 52cm Track Frame #1123
54cm Della Santa Corsa Speciale
Head Tube Panel
56cm Della Santa Corsa Speciale
Silca Pumps
Shown and sold without heads or sleeves
Detail Paint
Fill Lug, Bottom Bracket, and engravings with Contrasting Color
Candy Apple Red
Transparent Red Toner over Silver Base
Plastic Cable Guide Mount
5mm x .8mm Threaded Hole for Cable Guide
Water Bottle Mounts
5mm x .8mm - per pair
Down Tube Shift Lever Mounts
Campagnolo Art. 660 or Cinelli Art. 330
Top Tube Cable Guides
Cinelli style Type C, B and O Cable Guides
Silva Brass 7mm Internal Top Tube Cable Guide
Nick Name: "Jet Vent"
Front Derailleur Mount
Old Style and Current Cast Mounts
Pump Pegs
Two Styles of Pump Pegs
Chain Hanger
Installed on the right seat stay
Fender Eyelets
5x0.8mm Mounts to be brazed on the Dropouts
Top of Bottom Bracket Cable Guides